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Front Winch mounting Plate (retains factory Bumper)

Our Suzuki Jimny winch mounting plate allows you to install a recovery winch to the front of your..
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Jimny Corbeau High Performance Brake Hose KIT

Our Suzuki Jimny brake hose kits are exclusively manufactured for us by CORBEAU UK usin..

Jimny Heavy Duty Axle Oil Seals

CHECK OUT OUR NEW HD AXLE OIL SEALS! These seals are the perfect upgrade for anyone who is se..

Jimny Transmission skid plate

Our Suzuki Jimny transmission guard is a seriously tough piece of kit, this product has been desi..

JIMNY SJ/SAMURAI - Free Wheeling Hub Adapter Rings

Allows the fitment of SJ/SAMURAI or Vitara manual locking Free Wheeling Hubs to your Suzuki Jimny..

Suspension mount guard Kit.

The factory Jimny suspension mounts are extremely vulnerable and can get damaged very easily. Our..
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Jimny King Pin & Heavy Duty Axle Oil Seals

A simple service solution for a common Jimny problem, play in the king pin bearings! Our kit ..

Suzuki Jimny Steering stabilizer Kit

The Jimny HD steering stabilizer kit will greatly reduce and 99% of the time totally cures any st..
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Jimny Front Winch Bumper

Our Suzuki Jimny front winch bumper is 100% bolt-on and required no cutting or welding to the cha..

Jimny Fuel Tank Guard

Finally you can bit that pathetic "tea tray" that Suzuki fitted and bolt on some REAL protection ..
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Diff Armour

Here at the ORA we have come up with this small but effective solution for protecting your axle c..

Jimny 4" Suspension Kit

Suzuki Jimny Suspension -  all models up to 2013. With many years of design, testing &am..

Jimny ORA 4" Spring Set

Our springs are manufactured using only the highest grade silicon chrome material & shot..

Jimny Heavy Duty T-Case Brackets + HD BUSHES

If there are two things we know about it's breaking parts, and fabricating unbreakable parts... a..

Jimny Crawler Box Conversion Fitting Kit

The factory Jimny transfer ratios are much to high for serious off-road use, putting un..
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Super Duty Transfer Case Bush kit

Unbreakable super duty mounts, fully bolt-on and include all necessary mounting hardware. ..
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Rear Spring Clamps

Our rear spring clamp kit will keep you coil springs well and truely attached to there saddles. W..

Panhard Rod Kit

The factory Jimny panhard rods are so weak that any reasonably strong guy can..

Jimny Castor Corrected HEAVY DUTY Radius Arms

When your Jimny suspension is raised with longer springs or spacers this has a huge effect on the..
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Suzuki Wheel Spacers

Set of 4 billet aluminium 30mm spacers 5x139.7 Suzuki Fittment ..